About us


NEMA Journey

NEMA watches are designed with minimal yet sophisticated details with high quality and fair pricing. We have learned a lot from our mistakes in the past 7 years in the watch industry from our strong partnership with our vendors to our strong in-house design skills to impeccable our customer service support. It has not been a smooth journey and we are glad now 7 years later we have built a strong brand in wholesale and retail market. Our best reward is when our customers send us happy note when they wearing our watches.


nema watch design


Small Batch Production

Different from bigger companies, NEMA watches are produced with small batches from our trusted vendors. We use top quality stainless steel material, highly rated Japanese watch movement to ensure the quality of each NEMA watch. Each design takes at least two rounds of samples before we finally launch them with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


NEMA  Team

Our team is small but mighty: young and ambitious, with years of watch industry experience and strong attention to detail in everything we do. Embracing new opportunities. Accepting new challenges. Always ready to achieving new heights.